Collaborative Online Science Projects for Students

Students enjoy collaborating with their peers to solve problems. Students also feel comfortable and engaged in the online environment.
A number of online science projects are available to teachers to help their students conduct online collaborative work across the world.

This type of project can be structured by an outside organisation or by the teachers themselves.
Structured Projects:
The Centre of Innovation in Engineering and Science Education is probably the most widely used in this area. Projects open through-out the year and allow teachers to upload student data and student reports to share with other classes around the world.

Two Australian based organisations that help structure your project include:

Unstructured Projects:
These projects will need to be collaboratively planned by the teachers themselves.
The first step in this process is to make contact with a teacher in the location you are considering to study.
Examples of sites that can be utilised:
Note: This site lets you choose an epal class and then a structured project. After the initial contact has been made teachers can then work on their own projects or themes.