What is Data Logging?
Observation and measurement are central features of practical activity in science. Traditionally, pupils are taught to use a variety of measuring instruments, each of which requires a particular skill for obtaining readings. They record their collected readings in a table and often plot the results in the form of a graph. Now, all these measuring activities may be readily performed using a computer or a calculator and a data logger.

PMI on using Data Loggers in your Science Class/Laboratory
Plus - accurate data, realtime data, allows long term studies, portability of the data loggers
Minus - technophobes unwilling to use new technology; no teaching the old skills used in former methods
Interesting Points -

Calculators: TI84 Plus and TI84 Homepage (using Graphics Calculators in the classroom)
CBL2s or LabPro Table

Tour from LabPro - http://www.vernier.com/mbl/labpro.html
LabPro Resources
www.science-house.org/teacher/ pioneers/labpro_user_manual.pdf


Links to Useful Data Logging Resources:
Gallery of Data Logging Experiments - Roger Frost Datalogging - http://www.rogerfrost.com/Data%20logging%20.html

Year 7 Science Students data logging cooling rates/curves - http://www.curriculumonline.gov.uk/CaseStudies/sciencecasestudy.htm

Texas Instruments Teacher Resources - http://education.ti.com/educationportal/sites/US/nonProductSingle/pd_exploring_data_84.html

Water Quality Teaching Unit - http://www.cesa4.k12.wi.us/programs-services/itech/edtech/04-05teachers/wonewoc/lessonoplan.doc

Effects of Lead Nitrate and Thiourea on Urease Activity - http://www.saburchill.com/IBbiology/ICT/datalogging/011.html
ICT in Biology - http://www.saburchill.com/IBbiology/ICT/index.html

Successive Dilution of a Toxic Solution - http://www.science-house.org/student/bw/greenchem/dilution.html

Newton's 2nd Law - http://dev.physicslab.org/Document.aspx?doctype=2&filename=Dynamics_PulleyCartSystem.xml
Simple Pendulums - http://dev.physicslab.org/Document.aspx?doctype=2&filename=OscillatoryMotion_LabProPendulums.xml
Using the Motion Detector (or Ranger) with TI84+ and the Labpro Video