Primary School Resources:

Origin Energy

High School Resources:

ReefEd (Reef Guardians Program)
Excellent resources with image library also available through -
Teaching Units: (for all age groups)

Climate Change

Three Arguments On Climate Change:

Interesting Argument About Global Warming - Watch more free videos

News Limited Web Site:
Deals with issues such as energy, lifestyle choices, water and recycling
Includes a carbon calculator as well.

Bigpond Links:

Sustainable Homes in Queensland

This resource contains a variety of resources and uses a learning object platform to deliver.
  • siting a house on a block of land;
  • orienting a house using passive solar design;
  • capturing natural ventilation by employing the information from the site and orientation details;
  • establishing vegetation around the house;
  • managing resources through effective waste management, recycling etc;
  • energy management;
  • water management; and
  • social issues associated with the choices made for orientation, fittings, appliances and access.
  • to access the learning object download link is on the right of the screen -

Other local resources include:
Brisbane -
Hervey Bay -

Greenhouse Resources:

One is an animated explanation of the greenhouse effect:

This is the black balloon ad showing how much greenhouse gas emissions are produced by everyday appliances:

Polar Science Education Resouces:

Shrinking Ice Reports in the Artic - (NY Times)
Antarctica Ice - Islands of Life,9171,1647451,00.html (Time Magazine)
Sea Ice -
Sea Ice from Wikipedia -
Interactive Zoom in on the Ice -
Sea Ice Education Centre -
Tassie Resources -

Water Resources

Water Wise Resources -

Water Watch Resources -

World Water Monitoring Day -

Water Cycle

Simulations on Wetlands
Stream Scene -
Reef Ed -

Salt Resources

Salt Watch Resources -

Energy and Electricity

Origin Energy - Electricity and Carbon Emissions Calculator -

CSIRO's On Borrowed Time - An Eco Teaching Resource with 4 Inquiry Units:

Adaptation, Forest, Fire and Farming are included on this resource - set up with learning objects, multimedia resources, experiments etc

Primary School -