Teachers Key to Finland Education Success


  1. Early Learning Education - 9 months to 7 years
  2. Don't start formal classes until 7 years old.
  3. Early Learning Education is play based.
  4. Learn multiple languages
  5. All schools are of a similar standard - equal resourcing for all schools (only 4% from the top to the bottom schools)
  6. A national curriculum means all schools must meet the same goals. There are high expectations for language, math and science.
  7. Students struggling in class get extra attention and tutoring throughout their academic careers.
  8. Schools are funded equally across the nation. Districts with more funds contribute to the budgets of those with fewer resources.
  9. All teachers must get a master's degree.
  10. Teaching is treated as a profession. Competition to become a teacher is intense, but teachers have considerable autonomy in the classroom.
  11. Long Summer Holidays - 10 weeks.
  12. Free Meals and After school - Child Care and activities