A podcast is a multimedia file distributed over the Internet using syndication feeds, for playback on mobile devices and personal computers. (Source: Wikipedia)

PMI on Podcasting in Education

Plus - Motivational for the students to make a video or audio clip and have it on the school's network or the net in a couple of minutes
Great boys in literacy initiative for your classroom
Minus - Get parent consent prior to uploading outside your school's intranet
Interesting - The growth in this type of education is truly exciting. motivation for students of all abilities.

Workshops and Worksheets

1. Workshop Outline -
2. Using Audacity to Podcast -
3. Using Windows Sound Recorder to Podcast -
4. How to download or subscribe to a Podcast using iTunes -
5. Step by Step Tutorial on Podcasting using Podomatic, Garageband and hosting on iWeb or iTunes - by Jenny Ashby

6. Editing Video - for Videocasts -
Tutorials - using Windows Moviemaker
Atomic Learning Tutorials - small free videocast tutorials - http://movies.atomiclearning.com/uk/moviemaker2

7. Free Hosting
Using a Blog or a Wiki as a Free File Host
(using a teacher wiki - free with no advertising)
Using your school server - speak with your school's IT department

Other examples:

Year 12 Biology Class at St Luke's Anglican School (Teacher Production on a Fraser Island Beach - Ecotourism)
Using Windows Movie Maker to Edit and Teacher Tube to Host

Year 12 Physics Class at St Luke's Anglican School (Student Productions in Class - Electronics)
Using Macs to Edit and Mac Web to Host

Year 12 Physics Nuclear Podcast - coming soon

Year 11 Science21 Podcast -

Year 10 Physics in the Park - video shot science week 2008

Human Biology Podcasts from a Year 12 class

Other ways to podcast:
Help with your Video Log
http://www.freevlog.org/index.php/category/tutorial/ (great information for first time users)
My nine year olds movie as a vlog using the freevlog protocols using windows movie maker, windows media player, paint, and a free host site (e.g. blip.tv) and then the RSS feeder (e.g Feedburner.com)

General Podcasting Information

TPN - http://www.thepodcastnetwork.com/ (a local company)
Excellent resource on Video Podcasting - Videocasts
Video Editing Links:
Keep Vid - http://keepvid.com/ (requires download)
Convert Tube - http://converttube.com/ (widget - online)
Codec Converter - Super - ____**Download SUPER © setup file**____
Flash Saving Plugin - http://www.browsertools.net/downloads1.html (download - at the bottom of page)
Jodix - Free Video and Audio Converter - http://www.jodix.com/

General Educational Podcasting Sites

Ed Tech Crew Podcasts - http://www.edtechcrew.net/category/podcasts/
Why podcast? Podcasting in Education