What is RSS?
RSS is a protocol that lets users subscribe to online content using a "reader" or "aggregator." Internet users tend to settle on preferred information sources. RSS allows users to create a list of those sources in an application that automatically retrieves updates, saving users considerable time and effort.
Educause outlines 7 things you need to know about RSS:

How does it work?


Everything you want to know about RSS - http://www.rss-specifications.com/rss-and-education.htm


Newsreaders / RSS

Bloglines (www.bloglines.com)
Bloglines isn't just for blogs. You can use it to add pretty much any RSS feed-in. Owned by AskJeeves, this site allows you to keep track of all your favorite blogs via RSS. You can then log in from any computer to check your news and blog entries on your favorite sites. Their goal is to keep you happy and give you lots of options. You can publish your own blog if you'd like to start writing more, and you can share your favorite blogs with friends so they know what you read, and vice versa. It's a very good way to keep up to date with your blogs if you're on the road or don't like having a newsreader on your computer.