Science Entertainment is defined as resources that primarily are designed to entertain and/or highlight interest in a particular area of science.

Some examples of commerical sites (also contain some freebies)

Science and Art
A new perspective of Art and Science ThinkQuest -
Science, Art and Technology -
Art and the Environment - from the Queensland Museum -

Science and Drama

Science Drama Awards (Victoria) -
Using Drama to communicate Science (evidence paper) -

Science Songs

The Science of Music -
Songs for Teaching Science -
Science Songs - very good -
QUESTACON Strike a Chord
Tom Leher's Element Song -
other sound links:
Absolute Sound Effects Archive -
Free Sound Effects -

Science and Cartoons

Design your own cartoons, posters and animated movies - with Kerpoof -
Online Cartooning Tools: (software needs to be downloaded on to your PC - but at least it's FREE!) (allows you to upload pics and then add voices to your animation)

Cartoon Concepts -

Science Cartoon Galleries (just for fun)

Science Games
Primary School Science Games:
Kaboose Games

Primary Games

Engaging Science Games

High School Science Games:
Fun Brain Science Games
Noble Prize Games

Physics - Forces Games (uses Forces, Mass, Acceleration) (recommended by James Nixon)

Hangman - (recommended by Michelle Ong)

BBC Games

Design your own resources:
The Source Book for Teaching Science

Design your own Games (free versions available with limited functions)
Yo Yo -
Kahootz -
Immersive Education -

Science Games using Powerpoint Templates:

  1. Who wants to be a millionaire
    1. Who wants to be a Millionaire Template - created by Terri Street
    2. Who wants to be a Millionaire? - from Fayette County Public School
    3. Who wants to be a Millionaire Template -
    4. Who wants to be a Millionaire Template - from Cascade Union Elementary
    5. Games
      1. 3rd Grade Economics Who wants to be a Millionaire
      2. Biology Who wants to be a Millionaire - from Pendelton Heights Middle School
      3. Old Man and the Sea Millionaire game
  2. Jeopardy PowerPoint
    1. Jeopardy Games for the Classroom - The following games have been created by Hardin County Teachers for use in their classrooms. Each will reflect the curriculum area and the Exit Expectation that the game addresses
    2. Easy Jeopardy Template - Elaine Fitzgerald's template. Easy to adapt
    3. Jeeparty template - 69 slides
    4. Jeopardy Template - 141 slides
    5. Jeopardy Template - this template uses Alex's photo
    6. Jeopardy Template - created by Patrick Dierschke in 2001
    7. Jeopardy Templates -
    8. Jeopardy Games created by teachers
    9. MC Jeopardy - download page for an application that allows creation of Jeopardy PowerPoint shows
  3. Hollywood Squares
    1. Hillsborough Squares template - by Mark E. Damon
  4. Battleship
    1. Battle Graph - teach your students about graphing on a coordinate plane. A PowerPoint show designed by Sarah Grabowski, University of Georgia, July 9, 2003 with the title “BattleGraph”
  5. Baseball
    1. Baseball Challenge – an extremely creative 5th Grade Social Studies Test Practice written by Mrs. Leigh Daley
  6. Happy Game
    1. Famous African-Americans - some of the hyperlinks don't work right, but this is a very cute game.
  7. Sunken Millions
    1. People in our Past - divers vs surfers
    2. The Way West - divers vs surfers
  8. Other Games
    1. Classroom Ideas and Game Templates - Use with caution, there are some dead links there.
    2. Templates for Homemade PowerPoint Games - It's better because it's homemade!
    3. PowerPoint Activities - The following links include templates and examples of Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and Hollywood Squares games and other lesson ideas that were created using PowerPoint. Posted by Fayette County Public Schools in Lexington , Kentucky
    4. From a New Nation to a Divided Nation by Sherry Woods, Caywood Elementary School Lexington, TN – interesting technique used in this show to eliminate wrong answers
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