Note: This wiki page is not an advertisement for Smartboard software or hardware - I have a Smartboard in my classroom and as a consequence I have used the terms Smartboard and IWB interchangeably.

What is a Smart Board?

The SMARTBoard is an interactive whiteboard. It has a touch sensitive surface that controls a computer. An individual's finger becomes a mouse that controls the computer's desktop. There is a physical button on the board for a popup keyboard or a right mouse click. This product was first introduced in 1991.
This board is connected to a computer via a serial connection or a USB port, which allows the board to interact with the computer as both a mouse and a keyboard. The computer is then connected to either a front or rear projector and displayed on the appropriate board. The interactivity of the board is found in its touch-sensitive surface. Most come with four electronic color "markers" and an electronic eraser on a tray. Removing an object from the tray position tells the touch sensitive screen which device to use. Some people remove the device and use their fingers.

How are they useful?

Primary ICT - Whiteboard Science - Electricity and Space
Source: Teachers TV -

Pedagogy and IWBs

Exploring pedagogy with interactive whiteboards: A case study of six schools from 2005-2006

A report on the using of IWBs with The Learning Federation's Learning Objects


Touch Write and Save Tutorial -
Smart Board Training Videos -
Smart Training Centre -

Specific Tutorials on your Smart Board:
1. Orientation of your smart board -
2. Using the Spotlight Tool

Find more videos like this on SMART Board Revolution

3. Using Format Painter
4. Saving what I draw as a jpeg -
5. Google Earth and the Smart Board -
6. Recorder tutorial

7. Saving Shockwave Files to your Gallery
8. Using the Smart Board Video Player

9. Senteo Manager - creating a class list -
10. Importing a youtube or teachertube video into your notebook -
Note: this step requires 3 steps
i) use firefox as your browser (not explorer)
ii) download from a program called download helper extension - click on the install link
iii) you will also need to go and install a flv player - suggested source -
These three programs will allow you to download/save/play flash files within your notebook page with having all of the advertising information around the page.
Podcast of this Action:

11. Create shapes and text -
12. Create a reveal page -
13. Creating interactive pages -
14. Grouping and Locking in Notebook -
15. File Linking -
16. Import picture files and infinite cloner tools -
17. Creating, Naming and Cloning -
18. Extra tools and Language settings -
19. Importing Powerpoint
20. Importing Word -
21. Handwriting to Text Function - I use this one all the time - have you seen my handwriting? -

Smart Board PMI
Plus: Interactive and engaging
Minus: Size and cost
Interesting: calibration often needs resetting

Useful Links:
Smart Tech -
Create a Graph -
Using Gizmos -

Primary Education:

Excellent local source:
Template for K-12 General Resources -

K-3 Science downloads -

4-6 Science downloads

Primary Concentration Flip Charts downloads -

K-3 Physics Lesson on Push and Pull Forces

4-7 Science Resource for Circuits -

4-7 Science Resources from BBC - Pod's Missions for Bones, Electricity and Solids and Liquids

High School Education:

Year 7 to 9 Resources:

Year 10 to 12 Resources:


Junior Science - Panda Habitat Adventure

Walk in a Forest


Smart Chemistry
Year 7 to 9 Resources

West Midlands Regional Resources for IWBs,index
includes units on Chemistry of Crude Oil and Chemical Reactions


Smart Physics
Year 7 to 9 Resources:

Simple Machines

Senior Science Resources

Social Sciences
Interactive Map Machine

Virtual Tourist


Smart Tech - or the lastest version of the software is Version 10.0 - (go to software downloads)
Interactive Whiteboards -**
Australian Lesson Plans
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