Socially Responsible Science as the name implies is a set of web resources that investigate the issues behind science and its consequences.
These resources may include ethical decision making, morality and science and dilemmas in science.


This ASISTM funded project contains a number of ethical dimlemma stories about real-life examples of topical issues that relate to scientific concepts.
This is a free site but registration is required.

Biotechnology Online Ethics and Issues

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Climate Change Resources Ecological Impacts of Climate Change Explore some of the ecological impacts of climate change that have already been observed—right in your own backyard. Students will love getting to know the flora and fauna in this colorful booklet. As an added bonus, ready-made presentation modules make it easy to develop a class unit on this important topic customized to your own geographic region.

Understanding and Responding to Climate Change
Need something to help explain the basic physical principles behind climate change? This free booklet is your answer. Now in its third edition (2008), the booklet includes an expanded section on impacts, as well as updated figures and graphics.

Ethics & Laboratory Animals

Teaching with or about laboratory animals can be a touchy subject. This web resource provides basic information about pain in animals, including tips on how to recognize, prevent, and alleviate it in laboratory, farm, and companion animals.

Ocean Science Series
Understanding the oceans is essential to our understanding of human history, the origin of life, weather and climate, medicines, and much more. This collection helps students interpret information about the state of our oceans and appreciate the important role of ocean science. Collection now features an exciting NEW booklet on Ocean Exploration, as well as numerous images and graphics.

Stem Cell Channel

This unique video-format education webiste explores stem cell research
Science21 Assessment and Resources -

Genethics - Genetics and its Ethics

The Royal Society of New Zealand - Genethics essay competition for Yr11-13 students. The Royal Society of New Zealand, The Bioethics Council, and the New Zealand Organisation for Rare Disorders, offer this annual New Zealand Genethics essay competition for secondary school students.

Examples of Assessment Tasks on Paternity Testing Issues