What are they?
  • Widgets are small apps that can be embedded on a page such as RSS feeds, audio players, video players, and others. It is something that the user can interact with when on a particular webpage.
Widgets allow blog users, for instance, to embed the functionality of other services onto their webpages and thereby, promoting the services that contribute to their own personal learning - in other words, creating a "mashup" of services that they find useful in their own work. Many bloggers learn about these services from their own personal learning networks. That is, other bloggers who have found out about and are using these services. For instance, on a blog, you may find a widget that allows you to view a slideshow created in Bubbleshare, a listing of the books you've read that are catalogued in Library Thing, a Clustrmap showing the locations of people who have read the blog, or an audioplayer that will allow users to hear a particular podcast.
Source: http://educationwidgets.wikispaces.com/Widgets+for+Education

Tutorials on Web Widgets:
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Widget Examples:
Calendar -



Get FREE Soundbox

School Clock (Bundaberg Time) using Fancygens

Globe Generator

Show you where I live (zoom in and out in the set up)

Web Browser embedded - Bitty Browser

Technorati Widgets

Led Generator using Fancygens

Puzzle Maker (using a butterfly photo but any uploaded picture will do)

Animation Generator

Aquarium Generator (place your cursor over the bubbles)

PollDaddy - http://www.polldaddy.com/default.asp

Other sources:
Widget Lists
http://www.goodwidgets.com/widgets/list (excellent photos resource particularly the light box widget - requires the uploading of your photos)
FlixN - http://www.flixn.com/ (need a webcam and a mic to post a message)
Blinkx - a video search engine - http://www.blinkx.com/